How To Take Good Care Of Your Laptop

Prevention Is Better Than Cure. These steps will help to go a long way in increasing your laptops life. If you can follow these basic laptop maintenance tips, you can easily make sure that the laptop is going good for a considerable period of time and there would not be much need for the repair services at large. We would like to provide you with certain tips for your laptop maintenance.

Backup Your Valuable Data

Because money can't buy your data

It is always important to take a back up of your data stored in the hard disk. In cases of system Crash or any other sort of damage related to hard disk, there might be a possible loss of data. A data back-up will give you convenience and relaxation even amidst the hazards. Because data recovery is not 100% effective and costs a huge amount. A small investment in storage device and regular practice of data backup, really saves you in accident.

How To Clean It

Laptop surface cleaning tips

Take care while cleaning the screen. Use clean, lint-free soft cloth. No cleaner should be directly Sprayed on the laptop screen, rather apply the cleaner on the cloth and clean with it effectively. The cloth will naturally catch the dirt and impurities present. Concentrated and non-standardized cleaning sprays might bring discoloration to screen and plastics. Isopropyle Alcohol is the most effective cleaning agent. Its available worldwide.

Laptop Battery Care

To extend the battery life.

Always use original charger. The battery should be charged in full immediately after purchase. Never Ever drain your battery below 7%. Most batteries died out, when it is full drained to 0%. Since in most of the cases, we get 6 month warranty on the laptop battery, the battery must not be kept unused for long, use it once a week. The AC adapter must be detached after shutting down. To extending the backup time, decrease the LCD brightness while using it & activate the Standby and power-saving modes. Remove the battery pack from the laptop at 50% - 60% charged, when the laptop is not in use for a long period of time. Store the batteries in cool dry place, away from heat & humidity.

Liquid Spill Damage

Keep Eatables Away

Even a little amount of water or moisture can cause major damage to the motherboard and screen. It is advisable not to take food or water near the laptop computer. The spilled liquid percolate through the keyboard. There is also a chance of catching bugs when there is any food leakage inside through the keyboard. In these cases, firstly unplug the charger, second remove the battery, thirdly turned over to let the liquid or food particles come out as much as possible. And lastly come to us for a internal thorough cleaning service. Never ever power it up, before the total drying of spilled liquid, this will short-circuit the motherboard.

About Stallion - Who Are We

Quality Services - Our Identity | Satisfaction - Our Commitment

The Journey from 2006 - The Voyage of New Horizons.

Stallion started its operation in August 2006 powered by the realistic goal of a group of four young friends, passing out of a reputed Engineering college. In the beginning of their career, it was quite a humble approach at a small workshop which was actually a rented garage space at Jadavpur. Since it was not a brand at that time, most of the time at Stallion was providing background services for different laptop service centers at Kolkata. It was a crucial period for the team members for picking up a substantial degree of experience through quantitative work exposure. Financial benefit or monetary satisfaction at the category of repair services could not be realized at that point of time. Today Stallion has run a long as is able to achieve their own workshops, Customer Interaction Point and franchisee - all of them equipped with modern technological back-end. Not only the quality technical and the advanced repair tools are our proud possessions rather it is the team, the group of individuals who work here day in day out to bring out the best laptop repair services in Kolkata. With the fusion of talented Chip level engineers, support engineers and experienced mentors, the professional ambience is kept energized and amicable along with the proper maintenance of highest level of decorum in the workshop as much as practicable. On the basis of the rich human and mechanical resources, we are competent enough to provide the highest level quality as far as the laptop repair services are concerned. Our biggest achievement is a handful of satisfied clients who deserve the best level of laptop service and we have been successful in catering to their emotion and passion. Their laptop computers were repaired with 100% perfection in the chip level as well as spare parts. Along with that, the 24 x 7 x 365 client support is something one cannot feel to go astray.

Our Mission

Our Vision

What We Offer

Stallion Microsystem, your favorite laptop repair service center in Kolkata provides comprehensive laptop repair service 24 x 7 x 365 with manufacturer guarantee on spare parts. We have got universal solution to any category of damage to your laptop parts, be it with the screens,motherboards, power jacks, inverters, hinges or keyboards. Our goal is to bring technical repair for your laptop computer or notebook parts in the best possible way. In the worst of case, there would be a replacement for sure. For us, more than 85% of the laptop related issues can be fixed by our experienced service engineers. Not only that, we commit ourselves in bringing possible solution in the least period of time in order to give you the delivery on time. We know that importance of time and the preciousness of your profession.


Service Procedure

We analyze the problem on the basis of your call. For minor problem, we help you fix it by yourself

If the problem persists, we would request you to bring the laptop here at our workshop

Our service engineers would carefully analyze the actual problem on the basis of their experience

We would provide you the estimate for repair, which parts needs a replacement and the warranty provided

On confirmation, we would proceed with our repair service in front of you.

For analysis and checking, there would be no charges at all.

To cover the major type of damage and repair, we would request you to keep your laptop with us.

On your consent, we will receive the laptop for repair, then a copy of valid GR File would be given to you mentioning every single details of you laptop parts along with serial number.

We will make your signature on screen, ram, hdd, keyboard, dvd, motherboard, panels and charger.

We can get the laptop back to its normal position in fully repaired condition within 24-48 hours.

After checking the signatures on all the parts. We will delever the laptop to you.

We accept payment in cash or card at the time of delevery.

Warranty will be provided on spare parts as well as labor from the billing date.


Service Highlights

Spot Repairing in front of the clients.

Efficient 24 hours delivery commitment for the cases where spot repairing is not possible.

All the repair are done after the approval of estimate from the client.

No Inspection or Estimate charges taken.

Most competitive service and spare rates.

We provide genuine spare parts with 100% manufacturer warranty

Our Service Warranty is for Flexible Days from 30 to 365 days.

Every job is done by the qualified and experienced engineers.

We work 24 x 7 x 365 in our workshop and provides you telephonic & online support round the clock..

We fix more than 200 laptops every month for past 9 long years.

Our technical lab is equipped with almost all the advanced level diagnostic and repair instruments.

Our technical testing and quality control unit is there to calculate fault tolerance which maintains the standard of our service.

We are ready to provide chip level resident engineers to your business to support you at your workshop.

We buy old laptops for cash, whether it is in working condition or not

We assure you the best service you can get throughout the City.


Service Facts

Don't purchase a fresh new motherboard, It is totally repairable with warranty as new one and costing as one fourth.

Trust only the experts don't let anyone tampered with your system.A quality service can enhance a laptop's lifetime.

A quality service can enhance a laptop's lifetime.

LCD or LED Screens are repairable to some extent.

Restart and hang problem occurs mostly due to software issue.

Please download the service manual before disassemble your laptop.

Always place the laptop on cooler pad. It will exhaust the heat and prevent your laptop from frequent restart as well as extend it's life.

Always keep your laptop in cool and dry place absolutely free from insects.

It is mandatory to have a strong antivirus installed in your system.

Get a sturdy carry-case for travelling. The case should be hard from the outside and soft on the inside. It should be able to absorb shocks and carry your laptop accessories.

Make sure your laptop is at least 13 cm away from any electrical appliance that generates a strong magnetic field such as a microwave oven.

If the laptop would not be used for a long time, seperate the battery from the laptop with 50% to 60% charge remaining.

Take care of your Warranty & Invoice papers.

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In order to stay tuned with the highest standard of services to satisfy the clients, it is imperative to receive a genuine feedback from them. Stallion is always ready to handle quality suggestions from their clients, whether it is any critical appraisal or grievance. we would urge our quality conscious clients to dekight them always in order to stay with us for a longer period of time.


Our Client Lists

Here are some of our clients, Corporate as well as Individuals from Organizations. We are pleased to serve them. Infact they made us, what we are today.

  • South Eastern Railways
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  • Exide
  • Technomake

What Clients Says About Us

It is our pleasure to put in our website all those quality feedback and testimonials that we have received. From the entire team of Stallion - Laptop Repair Center, we would like to share our gratitude and warm regards for the time and effort from all of you to craft out these valuable feedback in the form of client testimonials:

Career in Laptop Repair and Maintenance Services

Stallion Microsystem believes in harnessing quality professionals from the very beginning of its inception. The hallmark of a standard organization is an effective HR policy and that differentiates it from the others in the domain. When you think of a laptop repair center, you do not need to get choosy about the career opportunities. We have managed to develop an amicable yet highly professional ambience which has set the ground for you to capitalize on the futuristic potential in the technical repair services industry.

Two-fold Career Options at the leading Laptop Service Center

Whether you are a fresher or experienced in the domain of technical repair services, we have got golden opportunities for you. We have highly experienced service and support engineers in our organization who can guide you through the path of innovative and effective laptop and notebook computer repair services. The experience and expertise of the seniors working with you will give you the leverage you need in your career.

Join Us at Stallion Microsystem

If you are an established professional seeking challenging opportunities or a talented engineer who is looking for better exposure in the advanced career opportunities in repair services, you can always come and join us at the highly developed technical center at Jadavpur. Please mail your CV at with the post applied for, expected salary and previous experience (if any).. Whether you are a fresher or experienced in the domain of technical repair services.

We provide On Job Laptop Repair Training

We have two modules Card Level and Chip Level Training, We offer job after successfull completion of the course.

For enquiry contact us now!

Course Details

Card Level Basic Electronics Chip Level
Disassembling & Assembling laptops.
Card Level fault finding.
Electronics Components.
Circuit Theory.
Motherboard components.
Explain How to find faulty smd parts.
Hands on training.

Price List

Average Spare Rates Of Original & OEM Laptop Spare Parts.
Note: Prices may varry depending on models..

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